Let’s Play! – January Backlog

Let’s Play can mean a lot of things in today’s gaming world. You tubers normally film them selves playing their game of choice for their “Lets Play” but mine is a little different. I’m doing my Let’s Play as a gaming backlog and once I’ve completed the game, I’ll create a small review that will help you decide if you wish to purchase this or not.

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Lumia – A new journey

Being one of the first wave of adopters of the Windows Phone 7 mobile, while at the start I was happy with it, It slowly changed to a feeling of disregard and I ended up, not liking the mobile phone and was in desperate need to change to another phone. It was a Samsung Omnia 7 that I first got and while the new OS was something I enjoyed, it was something that lacked quite a few features that should really be in a phone. The app store was dreadful, I really mean dreadful. Apart from the Facebook and Twitter app, the store was very bare and this was one of the biggest reasons that it drove me away to the Apple iPhone. After nearly two years with the iPhone 4 and multiple different IOS’s, I decided it was a change. I didn’t like the way iOS7 looked and wanted something that felt connected and not just a screen full of different apps.

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