Is Minecraft Worth Your Money?

Early in 2009, a small indie devolper, Markus Persson, who started of with nothing.created a game with a small group that has turned into one of the biggest indie games to come into the major market of Video Games. Minecraft has become of the biggest games to surface last year and I even bought it myself. Many may look at this game and may turn away from it for different reasons; The graphics, It looks boring, So here’s an in depth post and my opinion of whether Minecraft is worth the money that it is asking ( £8 )


Minecraft House
What a nice looking garden!

Minecraft enables you to create near enough anything that you desire ( As long as it can be made of of small pixelated bricks ) It allows you to show your creative side and allow you to be creative In a video game which doesn’t really happen any more. Starting off with simple little house’s and a little boat yard, you can go on to create huge mansion like structures and create a life size pirate ship!


Another reason to purchase this game is the depth of the game itself. You start of with nothing, and you must start mining i.e. cutting down tree’s for Wood, Wood is essential for building a house. It is also essential for the creation of tool’s such as axe’s, swords and pickaxe’s. After creating your first house, you going hunting for food and go mining for new item’s that can increase the lenght of your equipement i.e. Diamond. Aswell as this, you shall be attacked by different “Mobs”. Mob’s are groups of enemies that can take away your life and leave you for dead. This can go on for hours, even days,  going through multiple day and night cycles, snowing, raining, sunny. You also have the possibility to train wolves that would once attack you, into your pets that will help you fight others


Minecraft - Creepers

This game would be boring if the game had nothing to attempt to destroy to stop your creations. During the day you will not be bothered by the creatures, or monsters, but when the sun set’s and the moon rise’s, Monsters come out to play! They’re different types of creatures and monsters within Minecraft, but there’s the big daddy of them all; Creepers! These green monsters walk up to you, no weapons but…. Well, I’ll let you find out for your self.


Thinking of collaborating with a friend to make a giant structure of a car? Well Multi-player allows this. Multi-player plays on the same base that single player does, It gives you a land for you to mine and create but it also gives you the option of allowing others to join and play along and help you. This also gives you the opportunity to show of your creations to them

Don’t be put off by the graphics, this is a very fun game!!

Although the game may not come across as addictive, this game is highly addictive and such fun and I would recommend it to everyone. If you are still not sure, visit the Minecraft Website to play a free demo and then decide from there


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