Trine Review – PC


Well, This is one of the first side scrolling  platformer that I have played in a long time, And the stunning visuals from the video’s I had seen make the game so much more tempting. The main selling point for this game was the visuals, such elegance and beauty. I decided to purchase this when Steam had it on a deal ( £2.50) I had high hopes for this game as I had wanted it for a while and I hoped it lived up to the high expectations I had set for it.

The story of this game is they’re three different protagonists, A Wizard, who can not master the ultimate spell, the “Fireball”, A Female thief that, well, That’s self explanatory and a Warrior who wants to defend his land. The king has died and has not left a heir for his throne and the kingdom has turned into an un-habitable environment. All these characters meet at the Astral Academy, for different reasons, and they are all touch an ancient artifact that binds their souls together. They must travel throughout the land and discover why this has happened and how they can remove the effect.

The last side scrolling platforming game that I can remember playing was, Sonic… I know, A long time, so this has got to be one of the first side scrolling  platformers I have played in over 10 years. I started off playing and was very impressed with what the game had to offer. Each of the protagonists that you play has a different power / skill.

The wizard can create boxes that enable you to get to higher ground or past an obstacle, and as you progress you are able to create new stuff such as bridges. The wizard has no attacking power which renders him useless when you’re getting attacked by enemies.  The thief has a grappling hook which enables her to be able to hook onto wooden objects / platforms and allows her to swing, which can allow you to get to the next platform / area. Her attacks are a bow and arrow which is mostly useful at long distance. Last but sure not least, The Warrior, is the most powerful, in the way of fighting power, against the enemies. His has a sword and shield which allow him to be attack and defend.

The greatest part of having three characters is that you can switch from one to another by the press of a button, as long as they are alive that is. This is really useful when it comes to new area’s arrises and you have to cross a lava pit and you require the wizard to create a cube to past. The game, going through every level took me about 4 hours to complete, which for a retail game that sell’s for £16.99 on Steam, is very disappointing.

The graphics of this title of some of the most beautiful graphics I have seen in a game in a long time. The environments within Trine are very imaginative and very detailed. Each level is in a new area and the environments and backdrop make the game feel more magical and more exotic. The characters models are also very detailed and you can tell that the developers have put a lot of time and effort into the game and its graphics.

Closing Comments

This game is an excellent side scrolling platformer which brilliant game mechanics, Exotic graphics and fine detail make this such a brilliant game but the 4 hour story mode make’s this game seem a lot less appealing, especially for the outrageous price it is selling for

+ Brilliant Graphics
+ Polished
+ Game Mechanics

– Price is too steep
– Last Level can be a pain on any difficulty

7.0 / 10

Available on @ £6.99


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