GTA V – What iWant!

Well it’s just about a year away from the next installment of one of gamines biggest, and most hyper franchises, Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas was a huge leap from Vice City and the same could be said about GTA IV. Here is what I hope, I expect from the next game!

Realistic Graphics

Well this bit Is a must really, GTA IV came along and had brilliant graphics that dazzaled everybody but after everyone had taken of the “Hype Goggles”, You could see that the graphics were blurry and grey, not really a friendly and happy sight. The detail in the game wasn’t that great either, When close to an object, you could see the pixels and the entire city was a bore to play in. In the next installement, I hope they shall add more colour to the game which might lead to it looking more life like.

Above is a video of  the PC version of GTA IV with the “iCEnhancer” mod installed. This mod makes the game look alot more like it’s real life state ( New York / Brooklyn etc ) and makes the shadows, the houses, the shops, even the sidewalks look more realistic than what Rockstar managed to do. This Is what I expect from the new generation Grand Theft Auto game.

Side missions

After you have completed the main storyline of the game then they really is nothing else to do, apart from the side missions that have been in the game since the beginining ( Police, Fire and Ambulance ). Adding new side missions to play through the game and after would be enjoyable. Another one of Rockstars games, Canis Canem Edit ( Bully ) had a variety of side missions which were fun, for me anyway ( Mowing the grass ) Even though many might not have seen it as being fun, It’s creative and maybe the Rockstar team can implement new side missions into GTA V

Huge / Interesting Landscape

After playing San Andreas and then playing Grand Theft Auto IV, Although the landscape was smaller, It was more filled up with buildings. Although this is good, I found it very enjoyable being able to go across the woodlands on a Quad, Being able to ride up the side of a mountain in a 4×4 and flying through the desert! I’m not saying “Get rid of all of the city and just build desert” I’m just saying, a mix, a hybrid of both in the next installement would be incredible and add alot more fun and versatility to the game.

An Interesting Protagonist

Although I really enjoyed playing through the game as Niko, I really felt that he was stereotyped and after playing for a while, It felt boring and Niko really had no depth to him. In the new game, I feel that the developers / writers should spend more time creating the main protagonist and add some depth and detail to the character, which would lead to people caring more about the character.

Decision Making

" Hmmmm"

Take a page out of Mass Effect’s illustrious book, The decision making mechanic in the Mass Effect series is a brilliant thing that they can implement into the new game. I understand that they did this a few times throughout Grand Theft Auto IV but It would be better if they can use it more ( Kill a certain character, have them with connections to the murdered character hunt you down, Decisions with other characters more difficult due to decisions made in the past ) Although this most likely won’t be implemented into the new game, It’s a nice thought.

Customization Options ( Maybe ) 

Although this is going against what I have previously said about building the depth and story of the characters, It would be fun to be able to create a character at the start, and throughout the game and customize the features of them, from what they look like; Nose, Mouth Ears to what they wear.. Creating Niko Bellics head and placing it on a big guy’s body would look hilarious. The customization mechanics from San Andreas ( Muscle / Fat ) would be brilliant and when playing GTA IV, Them options were greatly missed.

So theres my two cents on the next GTA installement.

Please comment on what you feel would be a welcome addition to the next Grand Theft Auto


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