Limbo Review [PC]

The hit sensation on XBLA finally arrived on to the PC and I’m here to review it, as normally, late. Has this game successfully been ported to PC or is it another poor port. Is it worth your money for only 2 hours gameplay? Read on…

I’ll start off by saying this game is one of a kind. I haven’t played a game like this in years. The visual style of this game is unique. Some would class the visual style as depressing but I feel that it fit’s the game perfectly and if it was any other way, It wouldn’t feel that same.

You awaken in a forest which is ironically called “The edge of hell”. You are looking for your sister through the game and you rarely come across other characters or NPC’s. The NPC’s you do come across are not friendly, and they’ll attempt to kill you and if you get too close, will run off in the other direction.  This give’s the feeling of loneliness that the game want’s to deliver to you. You are never at any time able to communicate with another being within the game.

Since you are not interacting with anything or anyone in the game, the audio is just the background music that is provided with the game. There is nothing special to hear throughout LIMBO

The gameplay, just like the Xbox Live Arcade game, is incredible. You are constantly challenged with puzzles throughout the levels / chapters which require you to use a small bit of mind power to get to the next area and progress with the game. This can be by moving a box or climbing up multiple ladders to later having to change gravity. The challenges are varied throughout the game which makes it less repetitive and more enjoyable to play through. The only downside I can see from the gameplay is that the game doesn’t indicate when you are on the next chapter, it doesn’t notify you. In one sentence, the gameplay is fun, challenging and rarely becomes stale, an excellent ride through the monochrome environment.

Remember how I mentioned the length of the game. It can range from1-2 hours depending on how quick you can figure out the puzzles and continue you on to the next area. This is a very big downfall for a game that is asking you to pay nearly £7 for a game that is very short. If the developers decided to release a few more extra levels ( challenge maps ) then this would extend the gameplay. The replay value on LIMBO is low because after you’ve figured out the game once, you’ll know what to do the second time, nothing changes, everything stays the same.

All in all, an excellent game with a unique visual style and puzzling challenges, but the length of the game can leave you disappointed


+ Puzzling Gameplay

+ Unique Visuals

+ Atmosphere


– Length


3 /5

Available at

Pay What You Want – Humble Bundle ( Ends 14th June 2012 )

£6.99 – Gamestop

£6.99 – GameFly

£6.99 – Steam


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