If Only….


At many times, I just sit here thinking of different Idea’s for video games, some good and some bad. Original Idea’s come to mine and then others about merging two existing franchises and making something that big it would break the sales charts

Here’s an idea for you, what if Rockstar decided to create a new game, same structure of LA Noire, detective work and such, but set in 1890 and the main protagonist is Sherlock Holmes, this just oozes with awesome. Walking around the streets of grim London in the 1800’s would be greatest pieces of scenery and environment if pulled off right, and if Rockstar were to produce it, I’m sure it would be. Story wise, the main plot line could be related to the death of Mr Watson’s wife while side missions could range from helping others or stopping fights.

On the subject of an open world detective game, a LA Noire / The Wire hybrid wouldn’t be to shabby either.

One of my favourite T.V shows at the moment, even though its decline in quality is Dexter. Michael C Hall’s portrayal of Dexter is top notch and even though they have created a video game for the Dexter series, it really didn’t live up to expectations. This is where Ubi and Rockstar would step in. Adding Rockstars famous sandbox would to a Dexter game in a virtual Miami would be incredible, Ubisoft on the other hand, could handle the fighting and stealth system. I don’t know If its just me but that would be an excellent hybrid of video games. I understand that they are bringing about a new Dexter game that allow’s you to go around the city of Miami, but have you seen the quality, Child please!


Post in the comment section below with your idea’s of what would make a great hybrid game.




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