Journey in Web Design – Task 1 Completed!

After seemed like a long week and a week that I  felt that I wouldn’t be able to do the task at hand, I managed to complete the task I set myself last Sunday. I’ve managed to create the website that I set out to do.

Before I started this task I had a basic understanding of HTML and was building on the knowledge that I had gained while I was at college. I didn’t have any idea how CSS worked or how It should be implemented into the HTML file but I was set to do this task and learn a lot in a small timeframe
Web Task 1 - 1

The way I have set out the homepage is based loosely on the design that I created and uploaded a week. I made the website with the design I drew up and I felt that the website did not look as good as it could possibly. I favour the minimalist look in my own creations, and since the website was going to be a website based around myself and web design, I want to keep it the way I like it.
Web Task 1 - 2

With some of the images on the website, including the logo ( top left ) and Facebook and Twitter ( top right ), are rollover images. I made two different images with two different shades of grey. I felt that having a roll over image made the website and graphics look better than just a plain image to hyperlink.
Web Task 1 - 2When the user hovers the mouse over the logo in the top left corner, the logo turns blue and when they move the mouse, changes back to the original colour. The Facebook and Twitter icons in the top right of the page have a fixed position which means when the user scrolls down the page, the logos follow the page and are always visible.

What have I learnt through this task: I have learnt how to implement CSS and how to code CSS. I  now understand why CSS is important to web design and why it is widely used. I’ve also learnt how to use rollover images and how to insert buttons.

What I want to improve on: I want to learn more about CSS and hopefully CSS3. This will allow me to be more productive and effective when it comes to the style of the page.


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