Journey in Web Design – Task 3

Here we are again, Another week, another task. This task is a little bit more important that the previous tasks. I am going to use the skills I have learnt and built upon to built a website that will be used publicly and to a wide audience.

1The website that I am creating is a part of my job, sort of. I’m currently working as an apprentice IT technician and one day a week, I have to attend college. It’s kind of silly considering the job I’m doing I’m trained for but that story is for another day. I was appointed the leader of a Showcase for Apprenticeships where employers and potential employee’s come in and have a look what apprenticeships are about. The website will hopefully host the content that we create at college and will be uploaded onto College servers and will be made public.

The college has stated that we have to use the colour Blue since it is the colour of the college. I’m going to use as much blue on the website and implement social elements, as requested by the college.

I want to embed a HTML5 video on the website, “A day in the life of an apprentice” so that all visitors are able to see the video that we have created. I’m going to give my self two weeks to complete this task as It requires more attention and detail than previous tasks.

If you have any suggestions for the website, please leave a comment at the bottom and hopefully I can implement them



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