Journey in Web Design – Task 3 Completed!

Web Design - Task 3 - 1

Two weeks ago I set out on my Web Design Task 3 and gave myself two weeks to write the website. I have done this but I have come across a few nicks on my way.

Firstly, because the website is going to be for Shipley College and their apprenticeship showcase, some of the resources that I need for the website haven’t been made yet so I was not able to place them into the website. This is why they are different coloured div boxes on the website. The red box that you can see above is where the photographs that will be taken of the apprentice’s and will rotate between different images.

The box box in the image below would host the HTML5 video “A day in the life of an apprentice” but that video has not been created yet and can not be placed on the website.
Web Design - Task 3 - 2

I have created a table with headers, icons, information and button to the pages that is related to the information above it.

Web Design - Task 3 - 3

Overall, I am still proud of the design and the coding I have done for the website  but I am disappointed that I am not able to complete it yet due to the resources not being available yet.

I will update the blog in the future when I am able to complete the website and when it goes live!


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