Journey in Web Design – Task 4

Web Design Task 4

Another week another task.

In this task, I’m going to tackle implementing a twitter feed into the website. I’ve researched this in the past and I know they are many different ways to implement it but I want to implement it without Twitters design / widget that they offer on the website. All I want to appear is the text from the feed and the time the tweet was sent. Hopefully I can fully implement this.

I’m also going to implement a contact form at the bottom of the page. This is going to be do through PHP which I need to learn this week. This is the most ideal way of implementing it because it sends a email to the my email, easy and simple, hopefully!

I know the colours of the page look wacky, but the only reason for that is so you can see the different areas. When designing it, I will most likely colour match the speech marks!

See you next Sunday!


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