Is Apple tracking our location really that bad?


This is a dangerous ground to walk on, because many of you out there do not like Apple ( or Google ) tracking where you are and what you have been doing. You’re right, why should they be able to track where we are and what we are doing, what right do they have to keep tabs on us. That’s a fair point that is shared by many out there. On the flip side, can Apple keeping track of our phones, more specifically, Find my iPhone app, be a positive to come from the negativity of Apple’s monitoring?

On the public bus the other day, the person behind me had an iPhone 5. His stop was approaching so he collected his bag and other things and proceeded to exit the bus. As he was about to get off the bus, he realized that he didn’t have his phone. He went back to collect the phone but it was not there. The man behind him had picked up the phone and walked off the bus, leaving his bags on the bus in exchange for this mans iPhone. The man quickly realized that the other man must have picked up the iPhone but when he confronted him, he said he didn’t have it and didn’t know what he was on about. The man then walked off quicker and was out of sight within 10 seconds. The man returned to the bus to report it to the bus driver.

I went and asked the man about what phone he had, he said that he had an iPhone and I suggested to him to use my phone to connect to iCloud to locate the phone so that he could see where the phone was. The man accepted my offer and logged in to only realize that he had not set up his account.

On the flip side, another case that I know of is a friend of mine lost his iPhone in a car after a night out. The next day he used his iCloud to locate the phone that was in the taxi drivers house. He was able to track down the device and retrieve it.

In the first case, the man who had just lost his phone could have located it through Apple’s tracking in the phone and would be able to have his phone back. Unfortunately, he didn’t set up the device. The second instance where my friend was able to retrieve his device is a positive.

This is, in my opinion, why Apple’s tracking that is known for being obtrusive and spy like can actually be used to help a distressed user.

Please comment below on what you think of Apples tracking.


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