My change from Windows to OSX

Apple LogoEver since I was a young child, I can always remember Windows being the forefront of computing. The first computer I ever went on was Windows 98. Sure it was only to mess about on Paint but from a young age, I was using Windows operating systems and I was content with using them because they worked well. Windows XP is still classed as one of the best operating system to be released and I stick by the statement that has been made. It is one of the most stable of operating systems that has been released and is still used by millions of people. Microsoft at this point had a good range of operating systems that they had released, that I had experienced and I was 100% Microsoft. I would not touch anything that was not Microsoft. It was a brand that I had trusted to be able to deliver a clean, stable operating system that would work smoothly and efficiently.

During my further education years, I studied Software Development. This was making program through Visual Basic, a Microsoft created programming language. Through this course, I learnt how to code programs for a Windows operating systems but this didn’t really interest me as much as I thought it would. The next year I switched to studying Creative Media Production. This is where I learnt about Photography, Video production and the most important, in my opinion, Website Design and Development. I was told constantly throughout the course that Apple Mac’s were the superior computers in regards to website design and just general use. I was stubborn due to always using Windows and would not accept anything new.

While I was doing my software development course, I experimented with Ubuntu and found it to be a very clean operating system but it didn’t support the programs that I wanted to use at the time i.e. Steam which Is now supported on Linux. I stuck with Windows through the good’s, XP, and the bad’s, Vista.

Apple was one of the companies that I had hated for years. I didn’t like anything that they brought out, mainly because it was a change from the normal, OSX didn’t look anything like Windows so I did not want to use it. iPhones were being used everywhere and they were over expensive at the time, another reason I didn’t want to use one. I was a stubborn geek who only stuck by what I knew and that was Microsoft.

This all changed when Microsoft decided that their new operating system would change the state of the game. Microsoft throughout the years has had operating systems that had menu bars at the bottom. Windows 8 decided to take this in a new direction by using the tile design that the Xbox 360 and the Windows phone 7 was already using. I did not consider this to be a good release of an operating system. I felt that the operating system that they were going to release should have been used ONLY on tablet computers. Many homes only have access to a mouse and keyboard and do not have the technology to use Windows 8 to the full capacity in a desktop mode.

At this time, I decided to look into what Apple was doing and at the time, they have just released their new operating system, Mountain Lion. After a few hours of looking into the laptops and the operating system, I decided that instead of going forward in the Windows operating system, I would switch to OSX, despite hating the products in the past.

Once I started using the MacBook, it was a breeze. Everything ran a lot smoother that Windows did and everything was integrated. If I was to edit something in my notes, I would be able to access on the iCloud when I’m out and about. Although Apples system is shut down in the respect of the application store, I am actually a fan of this. It allows Apple to make sure that the programs that you are going to install on your computer are safe and have been verified.

What I later discovered when I bought my iPhone was that all the appliances that Apple had built are integrated. If I was to buy a product from iTunes on my MacBook, It would automatically download to my iPhone so when I am out, I know that the music I just bought would already be on my phone and I wouldn’t have to worry about plugging it into the computer and syncing all the files. This allows for a more happier experience when using my laptop.

I really do think the reason that Apple products are put under the spotlight of not being user friendly is because everybody has been brought up on using Windows and they will stick by it. This is the mistake that I was making. I was stubborn and didn’t like change, and I still don’t like change but after using OSX for the first week, I didn’t want to go back to Windows, at all.

( Apart from at work, but I can’t change that )


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