Are video games harming the younger generation?

It doesn’t seem that a week goes by without a new’s channel showing a new story on how children and the younger generation have been affected by video games. It’s a big issue in America and people are starting to take the issue very seriously and make sure that their children do not play video games due to the bad effects of playing video games. Other’s argue that video games help develop a child, both socially and technically.

I played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at the age of 10. Not very responsible on my parents side but over time, this game has not negatively affected me. At the most, Vice City opened me up to new genres of music. In this post I’m going to cover both the positive and the negatives about children and the younger generation playing video games.

I’ll start of with the positives.

One of the positive effects that can come from playing video games is the child being able to gain a better understanding of hand eye co-ordination. Children that are playing video games where they are required to navigate through an area i.e A racing game, it’s requires them to think and choose which direction they should move to get around the track. By the children doing this, it’s mentally teaching them the hand eye co-ordination that will benefit them a lot when they are

Hand eye co-ordination is improved through racing games
Hand eye co-ordination is improved through racing games

When children or people from the younger generation are playing video games with other people, they may be learning how to play as a team. If the game requires the players to work together to get further into the game i.e. Portal 2, the child and the other player must communicate and work together as a team to be able to get further in the game. This is teaching the child how to work as a team and is helping them build life skills that will benefit them when they are grown up.

Now on to the negatives

Addiction can also become a problem when a child is exposed to video games for an extended amount of time. If a child of young age is constantly playing on their gaming consoles and not going outside, this can also affect their face to face social skills which will affect them in later life in workplaces. Addiction can also lead to other problems such lack of imagination and mood swings. Mood swings will be brought on by short temper’s and anger problems which can also be contributed to by the addiction to a video game.

Does this look appropriate for a child?

If a child is playing a video game that was not intended for their age range i.e. A 10 year old being able to play Grand Theft Auto, because they are still growing up, they’re absorbing information from everything. Playing a game like GTA can teach them the wrong morals and can make them more violent over time due to the violence that is in Grand Theft Auto. The most popular game franchise, Call of Duty, is a very popular with every age range which means under 18 year olds are playing this game when it was not intended for them.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – A game that seems to take a lot of blame

Overall, are video games a positive or a negative on the younger generation and is the video game industry to blame for this? Well, It depends. The first thing we must consider is that how the child has been brought up and how easily convinced the child is. I was playing considerably violent video games at a young age where I was still impressionable but it has not affected in way of addiction or violence. The second aspect we must consider is the parent’s. If the parent is buying Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for their 9 year old child, the video game industry isn’t to blame for the affect that has happened to the child, the parent is. This is what many news stations miss out when they are making reports of the effects of gaming.

They do not take into consideration that some games are made for the older generation rather than the younger and if the younger generation is exposed to such games, they may be affected by the game.

Comment below on what you think about video games and their effects on children.


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