New addition to the family & website!

I said I’ve wanted to post frequently here recently, and I really do intend to, but recently a bigger event has happened. The birth of my daughter happened and I have been incredibly busy and she has left me little time to blog let alone sit down and relax. I do intend to get back to blogging weekly and maybe starting a YouTube channel to try and help new developers and designers how to code and design correctly.

I have created a website for my daughter, Emily Grace Throup, and I keep it as a daily diary for her so when she is older she is able to look back on what she used to look like and family and friends are able to see pictures of her without relying on social networking.

The website follows a simple design which I felt was needed for this website, it is intended for one real purpose and the website doesn’t require to be very technical for that function. I am constantly upgrading the website with new features such as menu bars.

Here is a link –

Feedback would be appreciated and ideas for improving the website are too!


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