New Year’s Resolutions – 2014

Every year everyone makes new years resolutions that they believe that they can stick to. Many do stick to the resolutions but some people create resolutions that they will not stick to or even attempt to stick to. I haven’t done a New Years Resolution in quite a while and I think that it would be a good year to start one. Here goes

Run More & Lose the weight – Run atleast 30 Miles a Month

I bought some running shoes in June last year with the intention to go running regularly. I did this for a while until the Winter months rolled and it became unbearable to go running in the cold conditions. I got to the point where I was able to run for miles without having a break and it felt great to get to that point. I plan to start of slow, get back to fitness and run at least 30 miles per month by mid 2014.

Join Basketball / American Football Team

Also links to the previous resolution. I’ve practiced with both the Yorkshire Rams and a local basketball teams but never got around to joining either of these clubs full time due to other things popping up. I intend to join one of these clubs and put in the best I can do, as an individual and as a team player.

Learn PHP & Javascript

As a web developer, I need to be the more versatile developer that I can possibly be.  By learning PHP and Javascript I will be a more versatile and will be able to create content that I haven’t been able to before by using the languages that aren’t able to do that.

Read more books

I’ve got a backlog of books that I need to read and I’ve never got round to it. Video games being a major distraction but I realize that you can get more out of reading a good book then you can a video game. It’s Free aswell!

Write More Blog & Start YouTube Channel

I want to start being a better blogger, both on WordPress, Tumblr and YouTube. I want to make videos on YouTube that are will hopefully help people with web design and development.

Write a short novel / novel

I know that this one will be the most challenging out of the new years resolutions that I have made. I am confident with my writing skills but to put them into action along side an idea for a novel, that’s a different level. I really have the urge to write a short story that will be published for free and will build on the feedback that I will get from it.

Learn how to draw ( Graphically )

I’ve never really had the best talent when it comes down to drawing. My attention span when it comes to drawing is terrible. I always find something to distract myself and I can draw quite good drawings when I put my mind to it. I’m going to learn how to transfer that skill over to the digital world using my graphics tablet and learn how to make professional and appealing web art!


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