A Broken Britain

The title of this post was once used by a politician. The politician promised to fix the country that had fallen from what was once a glorious empire to a state of decay, a miserable example of what a country that once was the great power of planet Earth. This man is David Cameron.. Oh, the irony. Do not take this blog post of one with hate, this post is of my experience in the country, both being on the side of having a job and earning money to the side of near poverty. This is a tale from a British man who has come to despise the country he calls his own.

I’ve always been law abiding citizen for my entire life. I have never been one to attempt to break the law or even thought of it. I have walked the tightrope of being a model citizen and hopefully others would follow I thought. I passed school, went into higher education and worked hard for the grades that I got. I worked as an apprentice for a terrible £2.65 and I didn’t complain to the government and demand help. My upbringing taught me that you must work hard, study, and you will be rewarded with a job that with satisfy your dedication and passion for the craft you have honed your time and knowledge into.

I was rewarded with the job of a HTML developer. I loved the work that I was doing and I appreciated the job that I had received. I learnt a lot of new skills at this role and I developed as both a worker and as a person.

My partner was expecting our first child in August 2013 and we couldn’t be happier. Working two hours away from home was OK with me while my daughter was still in her mummy’s tummy and I believed that once she was born that it would stay the same.

It didn’t.

My daughter was slowly growing up and I didn’t see it. Travelling up to 5 hours a day started to cause a strain on my life as well as my relationship with my partner. I saw my daughter for five minutes a day and it started to hurt me. Depression crept in and it really started to affect me as a person and the work I did. I explained this to the workplace and they replied with the least humane reply possible. Anxiety from my past also came back into my life due to always being stressed. I went on to leave this workplace, stating depression and costs were making me worse and were leading me to a place where I didn’t want to be.

I stayed at home and started work as a freelance web developer and starting working for local community centers as a volunteer. I intended to get a job closer to home as soon as possible, doing anything, I didn’t mind, but in the mean time, A helping hand was needed.

I applied for Job Seekers Allowance. I want to state again, I didn’t intend to stay on JSA for years to come like many people do in todays age. I needed that little bit of help while I found a new job. I applied for Job Seekers Allowance and was denied.

I paid my tax and my national insurance for nearly two years and the government tells me that’s not enough. That they can not help me even though I have worked my backside off for the last 2 years.

“You haven’t contributed enough”

I haven’t contributed enough? What has the eastern European that has been in the country three months contributed to this country? What has the female immigrant with a family of nine who hasn’t worked one day in this country, contributed to the country? What has the thirty year old British male that left school at age twelve and not worked since contributed to the country?


Don’t take me as a racist for calling out immigrants or eastern Europeans. I’m the furthest away from the meaning of racist. I despise racists. They are the scum of the earth and all belog in a two mile deep cess pit.


I fought against the decision that they made and they told me there was nothing I could do to change this. I pay my taxes, and pay my national insurance to make sure that one day when I am in need, they is the possibility that they will help me out. This is not the case.


Just recently, my anxiety has got a lot worse due to the stress that it has caused me. I went to the doctors and they have checked me out and determined that I needed to be put back on the tablets that I was once on.


I went to the pharmacist and asked them about the prescription that I was just given. I explained that I have had no income for myself since the end of November 2013 and they didn’t care. They said I could either pay for it or leave.


The government that is here to care for it’s own doesn’t. I have experienced both sides of the coins. If you are employed, they will take money off you and claim it’s for tax and N.I but when you’re unemployed, they tell you that you’re not getting any help.


To me, that sounds like a very Broken Britain


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