New Name, New Content

Well, It’s about time I finally stepped up my game in regards to this blog that I have created. I first created this blog in 2012 and I really did not have any idea where I wanted to take it. I have attempted to change the direction of this blog too many times, not knowing that in three months I may or may not like what it has become. I have sat down for a couple of hours today and really had a good thought on the direction I want to go. Many things have run through my mind, shall I solely focus on video games and not explore other passions like photographer, or films. This has lead me to the decision of wanting to create a blog that is not going to be in a bloated market of niche blogs. I am going to create a blog that I am about to post my opinions on anything that I feel strongly about.

I have recently purchased the domain and that’s the new name of this blog. I was going to stick with the Made By Jamie title but it has been bought by another individual so that was out of the question. I have also changed the layout and theme of this blog so please feel free to comment on what you think of it.

Hope to see your comments soon!


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