Trailers of Trailers – Go Away

“New Madden 15 Trailer Out Now – Click here to view!”


While I was browsing a social networking website, this small advertisement appeared on my feed from EA Sports. My heart started pumping faster because I realised that this is the first new next generation Madden game that has been created, not just ported, for the next generation consoles. I eagerly awaited the trailer to buffer and once it did, I blanked everything out. The original video is only thirty seconds long and guess how much gameplay they showed….. None.

From a company as a large as EA Sports, this type of trailer is just not acceptable. Now that the gaming market has grown larger, the companies have started caring less and less because they know that there is a large group of people that will buy the game without even seeing the trailer. From a marketing perspective, this is a terrible approach as it doesn’t show any gameplay at all or even attempt to show off the next generation graphical advancement’s. No, The guy in the Panthers uniform doesn’t count.

If she was the 1990’s or earlier 2000’s, they wouldn’t get away with this but because they’re such a large corporation in today’s industry, it’s acceptable.

This is how to showcase a game….


What do you think? Should they stop creating a trailer for a trailer of the game?



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