Three months in – Xbox One

It’s been three months since I first purchased the Xbox One and a lot has changed within that time in regards to the system. Updates and games have been released. If you are still thinking about which system to get or if you’re on the edge of purchasing the Xbox One and you’re still not that sure, carry on reading and I’ll give you my opinion of if this system is worth it

Before I purchased the Xbox One, I still wasn’t sure what console to buy and I wasn’t sure if I wanted a console that was purely for gaming ( ala Playstation 4 ) or something that would allow me to use it as an entertainment system as well. Having the console both for gaming and entertainment sold the Xbox One to me and I decided to go through with the purchase.

Xbox One Controller

Once you get the system out of the box, you will see the mammoth that is the Xbox One. It isn’t the smallest, and may be up there with some of the biggest consoles and does remind you of the ol’ VCR you used to have in the 1990’s but don’t let that detract anything away from this console. The controller is a major upgrade over the previous generations of Xbox controllers. It feels natural, ergonomic and friendly to your hands. I have played for hours constantly and my hands have not hurt once from doing so. Everything else about the controller seems familiar and that’s comforting considering you have just paid a lot of money and this is what you’re going to be holding going forward.


Xbox One Dashboard

After turning on the Xbox One I was greeted to a Day One update, not something you want from a new console but hey ho, once it had finished downloading and installing, I was greeted with the new dashboard. Following the new dashboard that was integrated into the Xbox 360, this also does feel familiar to Xbox 360 owners who owned the console when this theme was brought in. The new dashboard feels quick and responsive and is easily learnt. Some people may have the feeling that the UI isn’t what it used to be, that it has changed too much but after 10 minutes browsing it, You’ll adapt to it with ease. New areas have been created on the Xbox One to accommodate the regular features such as settings or seeing your achievements. This can become a pain to find as we are used to pressing the “X” button and bringing up a pop-up to show us.

When the Xbox One was first announced to be bundled with the Kinect, many people turned away as they knew it would increase the price for something they believed they didn’t want with their console. I was not too bothered when I bought mine and didn’t see what the fuss was about. Instead, I saw something positive. Controlling the console by using your voice or hand gestures is great and add’s a new depth to controlling the console. I was feeding my daughter and wasn’t able to grab the controller but by saying “Xbox Go to Netflix”, I was able to load up a TV show to entertain us.

The interface, controller and new features that include voice commands are a breath of fresh air but also maintain the comfort of having the same style as the Xbox 360.

Now to talk about what everyone wants to know, how are the Xbox One’s graphics compared to the likes of the previous generation or even the Playstation 4. The shader textures and the overall quality of the graphics on the Xbox One are a massive improvement over the last generation of consoles. While I was playing Watchdogs, I could see the rain bounce of the concrete and could see very detailed reflections of the neon lights of some shops. This add’s a sense of realism to the game and it allows to immerse your self even further into the game. Comparing the Xbox One graphics against the Playstation 4 graphics is a tough one. Outright, the Playstation 4 has the more powerful system and can generate better graphics but it also depends on the developer and the time and effort they have put into their game to be beautiful.

The game selection so far is mediocre to say the least. Because the console has just launched and not many games have been released that are specifically built for the Xbox One, we are treated to ports of games from the previous generations. In no way is this bad, in someways it is great ( see: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ) but I would like to see more games coming out that will take advantage of the system and what it can output.

To sum it up, The first three months of owning a Xbox One have been a blast. Being able to immerse myself in the real life graphics and playing Titanfall and Watchdogs has been a blast and something I would recommend it to any gamer. Would I recommend this console right now, Yes. It scores an A+ in regards to the entertainment value it brings to the table. 2014 is going to be a big year for gaming and with this year being the first full year for the consoles, expect some big titles to be released in fall.

If you own an Xbox One, how has your experience been with this console? Would you recommend it to your friends?



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