Lumia – A new journey

Being one of the first wave of adopters of the Windows Phone 7 mobile, while at the start I was happy with it, It slowly changed to a feeling of disregard and I ended up, not liking the mobile phone and was in desperate need to change to another phone. It was a Samsung Omnia 7 that I first got and while the new OS was something I enjoyed, it was something that lacked quite a few features that should really be in a phone. The app store was dreadful, I really mean dreadful. Apart from the Facebook and Twitter app, the store was very bare and this was one of the biggest reasons that it drove me away to the Apple iPhone. After nearly two years with the iPhone 4 and multiple different IOS’s, I decided it was a change. I didn’t like the way iOS7 looked and wanted something that felt connected and not just a screen full of different apps.

When iOS7 was released it put me off straight away. Everything felt more disconnected than before and it really wasn’t the operating system I wanted to use on a daily basis so I started looking into alternatives. I’ve never really been into Android, the whole ‘open’ operating system and it’s vulnerability to getting viruses really put me off the system for good. I looked back into Microsoft’s creation, thinking and hoping that over the two years that I haven’t used it that it may have got better.

I looked into the Nokia Lumia 1520 as it had the best specs available from the Lumia range, and also has the largest phone screen, measuring in at a massive six-inch. The operating system didn’t really look different from what I had used before but after further investigating and a lot of video watching ( Thank’s YouTube ), I decided that I would give this phone another try. After all I thought, how could Nokia let me down, they have never done in the past.

When I first got the phone, I was amazed by the initial size of the phone. It was goliath. I switched it on and was greeted with the new Windows logo and then it took me to the home screen. Due to getting the phone recently, Lumia Cyan had been released so the phone advised me to updated, which I did with great pleasure. After a fifteen minute update I finally got to see what has changed.

The overall operating system felt a lot slicker, a lot faster than what I had been used to. Flicking down the screen through the tiles could be done with one swipe and flicking to the ‘all app’s’ screen was quick and painless. Integration with the major social networking services was a very enjoyable experience as it did not require much work and did it seamlessly. It was a nice change from having to go through multiple different menu’s to find the service I want to then go to a website to allow access. After linking my accounts to the phone, they started to populate different areas of the phone i.e. People live tiles were now updated with my contacts photographs and they most recent statuses.

I made a list of applications I wanted to use on the Windows phone when switching from the iPhone. This list wasn’t small but wasn’t large. The only two applications I couldn’t find were Bleacher Report and HSBC, with the latter contacting me via Twitter to tell me that the application is currently being made for the phone, which was a delight to hear. The app store, while not as complete as I would have hoped, contains a lot more app’s that once before.

The only way I want to describe the Lumia Cyan update and the Windows Phone in general is that it is a complete journey. When using other phone operating systems, I feel that the phone was not connected and when I wanted to open a new app it was disconnected from the system and the flow was not there. With the Windows Phone operating system, it’s one journey through the app’s that you want to use.



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