Jim’s October Backlog

For quite a few months now, since I got the Playstation 4 and Xbox One and I haven’t really made any progress with the games that I’ve got. I keep buying the new releases and never getting chance to get through them so it’s about time I started a monthly backlog clear out to get through the games I’ve got. Here goes for October…


Forza Horizon 2

I’ve only had this for one day but I know it’s a game I’m going to play a lot of this month so it’s a smart idea to shove it into this list. The free roaming racer is a bunch of fun and It’s going to be a joy to get through

Infamous: Second Son

This is one of my first purchases with the Playstation 4 and secretly, my favourite. The gameplay, graphics and parkour style travelling makes this game brilliant but the story lacks the depth and other titles have.


I played this back on the PC but never got that far. It’s one game I really enjoy for both the tense atmosphere and how you much use your brain to save on ammo etc.


This is a game I know I won’t complete, but I’m going to set a level mark of 20 for me to get to before the end of November. The game never really finishes as you can always do more raids etc.


Hopefully I’ll be posting next month with four less games to complete!


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