Time for Change

On one of the days where maybe the most posts are made, I am also making my New Year Resolutions and why I’m choosing them and sticking to them.

Lose Weight

This is one I’m more passionate about sticking too. A couple of years ago, my metabolism was awesome, eat a full pizza and my body would not show any effects yet now I have one slice and I’ve gained 4lbs. Ridiculous! I’ve got the resources, I’ve got Xbox Fitness, I’ve got the open road to run, theres not excuses. I’m wanting to get to atleast 12st ( From 13.8st ) and preferably 11st.

Eat Healthier & Intake Less Sugar

This one relates to the previous resolution. Sugar = Fat. Your body does not know how to deal with the sugar that is in the chocolate bars or drinks we have. I’m not taking sugar in drinks and drastically reducing the sweet intake that I have. Eating less pizza & takeaways is a must and eating more greens will not just help my figure but help me as a person.

Read at least 10 books

I’ve always shunned away the challenge of a book, yet they are some many books I wish to read. This year, I’m going to get through one book each month!

Get through my backlog of games

I’ve got about twenty games on my game consoles that have dust on them. Getting through these games before even considering purchasing a new one is important to me, and my wallet.

Get Freelance Website Online

This is one that will be done soon, hopefully. I’ve recently start redesigning it to stand out from everything else and will be online by the end of January 2015.

They’re my resolutions, what’s yours?


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