Let’s Play! – January Backlog

Let’s Play can mean a lot of things in today’s gaming world. You tubers normally film them selves playing their game of choice for their “Lets Play” but mine is a little different. I’m doing my Let’s Play as a gaming backlog and once I’ve completed the game, I’ll create a small review that will help you decide if you wish to purchase this or not.

Right, on with the selection

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ( Playstation 4 )

One for the gaming series that I tell myself every year that I won’t buy, but I end up succumbing to it and end up purchasing it and starting the single player, and this year is no disappointment. I’ve started the story, which is great but I’ve been distracted with other games but this is one I want to get out of the way!

Super Mario Galaxy

I’ve recently purchased the Wii U and somehow manage to miss out on this game when it was first released on the Wii. I’ve got a few galaxies in but not as far as I should. I will be playing this with a smile on my face as it takes me back to my childhood


One of the most hyped games of last year that turned out to be, in my honest opinion, an overhyped mess. It wasn’t that fun and I regret paying full price for it. This will be one of the games I’ll have to push myself to finish, or fall asleep trying!

Super Mario 64

Recently purchased this bad boy from the Wii (VC) store for pure nostalgia but due to seeing people on Twitch playing it, It has made me want to get all the way to the end in under a week, possibly an easy feat but an enjoyable one!

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