Lumia – A new journey

Being one of the first wave of adopters of the Windows Phone 7 mobile, while at the start I was happy with it, It slowly changed to a feeling of disregard and I ended up, not liking the mobile phone and was in desperate need to change to another phone. It was a Samsung Omnia 7 that I first got and while the new OS was something I enjoyed, it was something that lacked quite a few features that should really be in a phone. The app store was dreadful, I really mean dreadful. Apart from the Facebook and Twitter app, the store was very bare and this was one of the biggest reasons that it drove me away to the Apple iPhone. After nearly two years with the iPhone 4 and multiple different IOS’s, I decided it was a change. I didn’t like the way iOS7 looked and wanted something that felt connected and not just a screen full of different apps.

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Becoming Freelance & Stay at home father

My posts were becoming less frequent on here and it’s not intentional. I love to write for this blog and I love for people to see what I have wrote. Over the last eight months I have had quite a bit of my spare time taken, by the job I was in and by the birth of my daughter. The former I regret but the latter I could never regret. I wouldn’t change the amount of time I have spent with my daughter, and I know any parent wouldn’t do that with their own child, I’d probably use more time to spend with her but the job I was in was becoming something that was affecting me, mentally and physically.

My position in the company I worked for was a HTML Email Developer. I was a Junior throughout the eight months I worked there. For the first six months, the “Junior” moniker can be seen a fair judgement. I was still learning the in’s and outs of HTML and how they must be modified for the email marketing sector. By the end of these six months, I knew everything my co-worker knew. I tried to explain this to line manager’s and managing directors but they were having none of it.

I have the passion to do more, the drive to participate in more challenging area’s and not be constricted to one area of HTML. My skill’s were not being used to the fullest potential and it frustrated me. I can do more but they wouldn’t let me.

Aswell as not being used to my fullest potential, the time that I spent going to work and going home was not ideal. I set of at 6:50am and returned at 7pm. This didn’t bother me when my daughter was still in her mothers tummy but when she was here it really started to affect me. I was seeing her for about 5-10 minutes a day when I got home. I was devastated that I wasn’t able to see her more. This led to me being more stressed and becoming depressed. This wasn’t helping me at home or at work due to anger issues arising. I had a confidential talk with a director at the company. I explained how I was unhappy, depressed, angry and I got told “Turn your negativity into positivity”.  I poured my feelings out to you, expecting a small bit of help to allow me to see more daughter more or at least some support but no, I get told to turn negativity into positivity.

A week after this I decided that I had enough. I discussed this with my partner and we both decided it would be best, for the family, If I left the job and found a job closer to home. I handed in my resignation and I couldn’t have felt better about it. My shoulders felt lighter with the stress that I had just relieved. My final four weeks at work were the best that I could have asked for. Less stress, more fun!

Upon leaving, I started focusing on freelance projects that I have been meaning to get on with for quite a while. Redesigning websites, meeting with clients and gaining new clients. It’s been wonderful so far!

By leaving work I have also been able to see me daughter on a daily basis and it has been brilliant. Seeing her wake up with smile’s and seeing her go to bed has made me a much nicer person. Less stress from the workplace has made me into a much nicer person and my family is benefiting from it aswell.

I’ll finish this off here by saying, I haven’t felt happier.

Journey into Graphic Design

I’ve done one of these series of post’s before but that was for learning HTML and CSS. Now that I have managed to learn enough to feel comfortable in Web Development, I need to learn the basic’s and the tricks of the Graphic Design trade. I lack the creativity and the knowledge to create a design that both looks good and has the accessibility. Learning what typography is used where and what colours match will be brilliant and will help me excel myself in my career path.

I am going to be creating different task’s for myself next week after I have got to grips with the basics of graphic design. These tasks will hopefully range from many different areas within Graphic Design. I shall be uploading the images to this blog and DeviantArt to make gain the best feedback possible.

My overall aim from this is to learn everything I can about Graphic Design that will allow me to create wonderful, accessible websites an publications.

Journey in Web Design – Task 2

Web Task 2


Another week, another task. The task that I am going to be doing this week is going to be based on the design above. It won’t be exactly the same as the design above, some aspects may change but hopefully I can stick to it as much as a I can.

The website is going to be comic book based, a portfolio for an imaginary comic book writer. On this website, I am hoping to include

  • A Contact form
  • Social integration ( Twitter Feed )
  • CSS3
  • HTML5 Elements ( Video )

Journey Through Web Design – Task 1



I’ve started learning HTML / CSS again. When I used to do web design before, I barely used the code and stuck to the “What You See Is What You Get” Website programs but soon came to the conclusion by learning CSS and HTML, I am able to make better websites and it also makes me more employable. The image above is a basic layout about how the website that I am going to make will look like. I shall give myself one week to complete this task and I shall do a post next week updating you on the progress I made and the finished product..